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digiHero Services

We are Partnered with digiHero.org and we strongly support organisation by being a promoter

PR services

We provide PR services for popular digital media houses. We also take care of branding and Social Media

Digital Marketing

It can be growing traffic organically, Search Engine optimisation or Social Media, we are fit for it.

Co-Branding Services

We can help you collaborate with brands and increase visibility at a much lower cost.

SEO optimised Content

We have a team of SEO experts, who write amazing articles on any topic on your choice.

Growth Consultancy

We analyse your business and implement necessary improvements to grow traffic and conversion ratio


Based on 100+ clients: 4,7

digiHero essential Service Pack saved a lot of time, Money and efforts in setting up my educational content business on Educateers.com. I ran blog previously and have paid over 400$ annually in just hosting

coFounder educateers.com

We could setup our website within a week on a domain name thats worth 100s of dollars by just paying 110$ for one year. digiHero essential Service pack is the best service for digital business beginner on the Internet

CoFounder, Boardigital.com

I have been looking for someone who could set up my website in an affordable cost. Being a beginner in blogging, digiHero Eseential Service Pack gave me and my consulting business a solid boost

Founder, Himalayatiwari.com

Our servers can manage any amount of traffic. digiHero Essential Service Plan covers traffic limit upto daily 1000 Pvs. After that you pay for every 1000 pageviews.

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